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Enjoy LIFE - Without (F) Family - It's Just a LIE

by Hiren Shukla
(Jaipur Area, India )

SHARING MY TOP 2 'SECRETS' (tips) for how I find happiness in my life?
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well these are secrets right Just kidding. for finding you can use GOOGLE even when its not lost :)

Whenever I get a chance I tell my family members How much I love them....I always stay away/skip meeting family members when I'm not in mood/angry. simple

What do you do and think and focus on to like, love and enjoy every day? MY FAMILY & FRIENDS I'm nothing without them

What are your best 'secrets'/tips? There are no secrets that's the beauty & for a tip - never take a tip from others do what you really want to.

Enjoy this moment called LIFE without F{Family & Friend} its just a LIE

Hiren Shukla
Manager Product



Love your humor - they are 'secrets' so dashes ARE appropriate! I am always learning more about how important family and friend relationships are, and wrote it here, Healthy Family Relationships: What I Learned After I Hit the Floor of the Skating Rink

Thanks for sharing...

All the Best, and More!

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