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Engagement, Self Care, Paired Share,

by Beryl Stromsta
(Chicago Area)

Wow - what a great question! If I had to narrow it down to a few secrets, I would say one is engagement-- being fully present to each experience and putting myself fully into it, i.e. participating in it rather than being a passive observer.

The other one is self-care: when I am taking good care of myself -- physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually I am happier.

I have a daily practice of what is called "paired share": I talk to a partner without interruption for 5 or more minutes, then we switch and they talk to me while I just listen.

I find that when I do that I am not holding onto as much mental and emotional "stuff" throughout my day, which allows me to be more present to each moment.

There are also many great studies on happiness which claim that happiness has to do with a sense of purpose and meaning, hard work and personal growth (believe it or not!)

I guess it's no coincidence that I have a great job at a personal growth organization coaching others towards happiness and having great lives!

Beryl Stromsta
Coach at The Wright Institute



Thanks for your sharing...the paired share IS powerful. Amazing how having someone listen to us empowers us and frees us.

Listening is one of the key roles in the resolving conflict process, as recently mentioned in this Defeat Communication Anxiety article and in this article on reducing resistance by listening.

Being fully present DOES help in listening, expressing and self-care, doesn't it?? Encourages us to listen to what we need in every moment, if we're listening.

Thanks so much for taking time to share here!
All the Best, and More!

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