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Don't Compromise

by Natalie Kjaergaard
(Copenhagen Area, Denmark)

In general I prefer either to travel or to work during Christmas time. I almost don't have any family, and the ones that are left live far away, so it is easier for me to do what I want, because I'm not bound to anyone or anything.

For about 8 years ago I had (or I was supposed to have) dinner with some people at Christmas Eve. The host of the party wasn't treating the guests in a respectful way, so in the middle of the dinner I left, which is unacceptable thing to do in Denmark.

I went home, cooked some pasta (didn't have anything else) and had a very good and peaceful Christmas alone.

So my tips for a nice Christmas time are:

1. Make sure you are together with people who love and respect you (and the other way around) - that's more important than food, drinks and presents.

2. Do something good for yourself. Don't compromise.

3. Give love to someone who is less fortunate than you.

Merry Christmas!
Natalie Kjaergaard
Senior IT Specialist

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