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Cook, Visit, Give and Puppies

by Debra Bankes
(Pensacola, Florida )

I cook and cook and invite and invite. I fix 'plates' for my neighbors - especially those less fortunate than myself.

Single mom: "HEY! You don't have to cook tonight! This one is on me! ENJOY!"

Go meet your neighbors - you'll probably be the only knock on their door all year. But that one knock this Holiday Season will last you and him/her/they/whomever a life-time.

ALWAYS GIVE! It is the best blessing ever.

Get a puppy if you don't have one. Puppy kisses are the best! Soft, hairy face, puppy breath, snuggles, licks, grunts..........gee - I wish I could give that!!!! :)
For some reason, my breath, licks & grunts don't mean much to my friends.... My whiskers are not soft.......

Debra Bankes
Entrepreneur in a very competitive market: Socio's Pizza & Pasta

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