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Connect - Eye Contact, Laughter & More Laughter....

by Paul Terlemezian

1. Greet everyone you meet warmly (look them in the eye, give a two handed hand-shake, smile and let them know how good it is to see them and tell them specifically why it is good to see them.)

2. Let your children hear you laugh and tell them how much you love them and your parents - express how good it is to have family, friends and life.

3. Do something simple for your spouse that creates joyous laughter and does not cost money or create expectations. (e.g. decorate the tree together and sing a favorite memory with each decoration that you hang)

Paul Terlemezian
President, iFive Alliances, LLC - Builders of
Strategic Alliances


Hey there Paul - So simple and SOOOO powerful - to connect with people by being present, and by bringing laughter.

I especially like the help your spouse thoughts! :) I'll point THAT out to Jeff!! Tho' he DID help with the lights this year - which I really appreciate. :)

Nice to connect with you here - thanks for sharing with the WUE Community.

All the Best, and More!

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