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Podcast Episode #79:
A Chief People Officer's Perspective 

Overview of Episode #79 --- 

  • Learn how this organization kept employees connected and engaged throughout COVID. 
  • Learn about motivation & how you can understand “What Puts Gas in Your Tank.”   
  • Learn about the tools & influences that have helped Rebecca become an effective & happy female Executive.

Contact Rebecca Waits 

Timing on Recording: @ 5:06 ---

Topic 1: About Rebecca Waits

Timing on Recording: @ 7:11 ---

Topic 2How to Keep Employees Engaged

Timing on Recording: @ 8:12 ---

Topic 3: “Know to Grow” Meetings

Timing on Recording: @ 9:04 ---

Topic 4: Engagement Surveys

Timing on Recording: @ 10:01 ---

Topic 5: Open Communication and Empathy

Timing on Recording: @ 11:23 ---

Topic 6: Hiring Over Zoom

Timing on Recording: @ 13:18 ---

Topic 7: How the Motivators Certification Process Resonates with Rebecca

Timing on Recording: @ 18:10 ---

Topic 8: Coaching Using the Assessments

Timing on Recording: @ 22:59 ---

Topic 9: Rebecca’s Background & Influencers

Timing on Recording: @ 24:27 ---

Topic 10: Tips For Working With Executives as a Female

Timing on Recording: @ 28:36 ---

Topic 11: Books & Training Programs That Have Been Instrumental to Rebecca

Timing on Recording: @ 33:11 ---

Topic 12: When You Think of the Word Successful, Who is the First Person That Comes to Mind?

Timing on Recording: @ 34:21 ---

Topic 13: Fun Get To Know Rebecca Questions

Timing on Recording: @ 41:25 ---

Topic 14: Last Bit of Advice or Wisdom

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  2. LinkedIn: Priceless Professional Development
  3. LinkedIn: Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast


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