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Cardio Coach Thoughts and More Spin Bike Workout Ideas...

by Another Cathe Fitness Friend

I too love Cardio Coach. Have you tried yet Cardio Coach Workout #7 yet? It seems perfectly suited for spinning, it starts out with a 20 minute hill/sprint interval.

Cardio Coach workouts ALWAYS leave me soaked through and are great calorie burners.

I enjoy reading your posts, and found this one on Spin Bike Workouts and your tribute to Coach Sean extremely helpful and timely, as this morning when I woke up I said to myself, "I'm mad at you Sean O'Malley."

I haven't gone for a run since his death. Your articles inspired me to put aside my grief and anger, and re-engage. And yes, R.I.P. Coach Sean.

Another workout to try for a great and fun Spin Bike workout is: the Sufferfest downloads. These are cycling training videos - The Sufferfest.

They are a fun diversion and can be hilarious - the editor puts up these funny subtitles!!

BTW, after much research I bought the Schwinn AC Performance, which was modeled after the Keiser. Enjoy your bike!


Hey there, Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Cardio Coach and Coach Sean.

I agree, Cardio Coach #7 is PERFECT for spin bike workouts! (I've been trying them all, and actuaaly, thell work really well!)

I have never heard of Sutterfest. I will check that out! Thanks for taking the time to share!!

All the Best,
Suzie Price
Priceless Professional Facilitator, Consultant and Wake Up Eager Writer/Focus-er

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