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Am I Just a Scrooge?

by Michael Winwood
(United Kingdom)

I cannot add to the cranky stories (driving a car that was too wide down an alleyway; having just a little too much scotch before dinner; getting out the board games when everyone wants a snooze, everyone falling asleep by the poolside in scorching sunshine in Melbourne after typical English Christmas dinner!!!).

However - the point is - this is THE most atrocious waste of money and carbon - conspicuous consumption for consumption's sake - justified by reference to both Christian and Pagan traditions.

It is THE time of year in the West (and not unknown elsewhere in the world) when we buy because we shop, We shop to buy because everyone does (most). We shop even though we are often at a loss to know what to buy for him and her and so on.

We buy stuff. We give with good heart but we are mostly (often) giving stuff that is not particularly useful, certainly (mostly) not necessity.

Net result - not very happy people, feeling somewhat estranged by the process, adding to the carbon footprint, consuming finite resources with little or no regard for their life or effect and thereby - perpetuating an economic model which for all intents and purposes is well past its sell-by date.

Am I just a new Scrooge??? Hope not.

Tips - I forgot - buy only fair trade: chocolate for everyone and give money to good causes and give time to help the homeless or other vulnerable people who are alone or alienated.

Michael Winwood
Management Consulting

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