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The Best Way I Know to 'Activate Your Greatness'

It's the best way to activate your greatness and bring the best of who you are to everything you do, but I didn't know THAT fifteen years ago. 

All I knew at the time was that I felt light-headed, that my heart was beating faster and my palms were wet with sweat and anticipation.  While I'm pretty sure I looked composed, I felt completely vulnerable.

activate your greatness

I bet you think I was doing something really big like sky-diving, giving birth or appearing on national television, don't ya'?  I'm almost embarrassed to tell you, but I will.  What had me so nervous was my meeting at work with a Consultant to review the results of Assessments I'd taken.

I was self conscious because I wasn't sure that I wanted to hear what 'this guy' had to say. My employer had signed me up to take these assessments. It turns out that 'this guy' - the Consultant - understood the power of emphasizing strengths, and his 'leverage your strengths' approach, plus the robust and specific information in the assessments, quickly turned my fear into wonder and interest.

My results were accurate and extremely helpful, giving me all kinds of insight about how to consciously use my strengths in my daily life and at work. They revealed "truths" about me that I'd never seen in writing before.  It was ground-breaking for me.

"The real tragedy of life is not that each of us doesn't have enough
strengths,  it's that we fail to use the ones we have."

Now, Discover Your Strengths, Marcus Buckingham

A 'How to Activate Your Greatness'  Master Class!

Reading the information in my assessment results was empowering. They were a "Master Class" in how to master me!  This is the kind information that puts me (and you!) in charge. Up to that point I'd been trying accelerate my development, on my own, through:

  1. Trial and Error. This rough and tumble time-consuming approach works, but sometimes the uninformed decisions I made turned into painful mistakes. Trial and error does result in positive growth, but progress can be slow.
  2. Looking for good mentors to learn from and model myself after. Good mentors can make a big difference, but it can be hard to find effective, committed-to-you-and-your-positive-growth mentors.  I've had probably had only a couple of really good mentors in my career so far.
  3. Hoping that my boss, friends, family and co-workers would see my potential, and reveal insights about "It", to me. I thought maybe they could help me activate my greatness. I've found that most people are better at pointing out weaknesses, not specific strengths. Unfortunately that tendency is prevalent in our culture.

"Globally only 20% of employees feel that their strengths are in
play every day...
(this helps us) begin to understand why 
8 out of 10 employees feel somewhat miscast in their role."

Now Discover Your Strengths

Objective, reliable and accurate Assessments provide a fast-track way to make better decisions by helping leverage your strengths and turning your development focus on the development gaps that matter. With  this kind of information you can move forward faster, and with more confidence.

Since that first assessment experience, 15+ years ago, I've immersed myself into the "Assessment World" by getting certified in numerous tools, I now certify other people, lead assessment-based workshops and coach leaders. I debrief many Assessment Results, every week.

"We cannot focus on the weaknesses of another and evoke strengths.
You've got to beat the drum (of strengths), and when you do,

you'll be a strong signal of influence that will help them
reconnect with who they (really) are."

Abraham-Hicks Publications

Activate Your Greatness:  Some Things I Learned About Myself From My Assessment Results...

activate your greatness

Here are just a few of things I learned about myself that day - this awareness has stayed with me  many years later:

  • My Strengths  - I'm assertive, a problem-solver, a risk taker, I never meet a stranger, I handle change with ease and I have a million ideas. I kind of thought some of these things about myself, but was not sure they were really my strengths until I actually saw them in writing in my Report. WOW!
  • How Others See Me - Whoa, can I really overwhelm people, talk to much and come across as a self-promoter? I never knew that before, but I can see that, now. This is good to know and will help me be more effective and help me manage myself, because none of those things are what I intend.
  • My Stress-ors  - I hate to go slow and to not be allowed to think outside the box. No wonder that last job was so stressful for me. I wish I'd known this before I went through all of that! I'll know better next time...
  • My Motivators - I do love to learn, I need to to be a product expert and to be able to get results. I'm going to look for ways to do more of this...
  • How to Manage Me - Now I understand what I need, maybe I can ask for more of this with friends, colleagues, clients and
  • Specific Development Opportunities - Yea, I can take forever to make my point, and I can be insensitive and impatient! Those are areas I can work on, now that I know!

"Flow...(comes from) taking pleasure in using your own
skills to contribute something of value to the world."

The Psychology of Flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

The Three Best Assessments to Help You  Master the Activate Your Greatness Habit..

I've tried, tested and taught MANY different Assessments over the years. The three best leadership assessments I recommend to help YOU Activate Your Greatness 1) DISC Communication Style  2) Workplace Motivators and 3) Hartman DNA (See a sample of all of these combined in the TriMetrixHD Assessment.)

Are you activating your greatness every day?  Is your team?  Check out our coaching programs and team tune up workshops for more information.  Better yet, give us a call...

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