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ABSORBING Everything I Said...

by James Boyd
(Edinburgh, United Kingdom )

I believe learning to listen effectively, both to myself and others, is one of the key skills which helped develop my career over the last few years.

I met a successful businessman at a network event the other night. While I realize n/w events are designed for such things, I couldn't help feel he was absorbing everything I said in our discussions. Eye contact was notable yet comfortable.

In my experience leaders are generally poor listeners - too busy and too focused on their own agenda(s).

Personally, if someone visits my desk I'll stop what I'm doing move away from the keyboard and look them in the eye. When on the phone, I try and jot down salient points on a mind map.

James Boyd
Product Engineering Manager



Perfect description of a great listener - 'absorbing everything I said...' Perfect and truly the goal.

Thanks so much for sharing thoughts around listening here.

All the Best, and More!

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