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Absolute Listening

by Ron Lewis
(Carrollton, GA)


After my recent training, you and I know well that listening is the biggest key to communicating. I realize more each day just how important this often overlooked skill is. I knew without a doubt and without any assessment that listening was what i needed to improve on.

As in Cynthia and Bob's scenario, they listened closely, responded with understanding and empathy. This put you at ease where you otherwise might have felt challenged at your decision not to support their business decision. This reinforces RPSA.

Comments for Absolute Listening

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Oct 20, 2015
Review NEW
by: Anonymous

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May 26, 2009
Love Absolute Listening!
by: Anonymous

Hey Ron, Love your title - Absolute Listening. Very cool. It is amazing how, once we start paying attention to this skill, we really see and feel the power and benefit of it. I've come to believe I'm a better person for having focused on developing this skill - tho' because I am a 'talker' I really do to focus on here more than others, who are naturally, more quiet.

I know you're doing a great job there - you are so earnest and smart. Seeing more great things for you as you advance...

Take Care!

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