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 Podcast Episode #58:
Change How you Think, Act & Work

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Overview of Episode #58 --- 

  • How Robert S. Hartman’s work provides a moral foundation; better understanding of the depth and breadth of Hartman’s work.     
  • The two ways the Science of Axiology helps us know, grow, choose and give more of ourselves.
  • Gain insights, books, tips and inspiration about living on purpose.

Contact Cliff Hurst:

Timing on Recording: @ 11:10  ---

Topic 1: Welcome Dr. Clifford Hurst; Talk About Robert S. Hartman’s Work, How You Came Across It and Why You Are Committed to Sharing it With Others:

  • In 2002, TTI introduced me to the Hartman Value Profile, the assessment was very accurate.
  • When I started using the Hartman Value Profile, I thought it was magic, it's like the mass just melted away and people got very real, very quickly.
  •  I started using the assessment but did not know where the information came from, I thought, “I better learn more about where this came from.”
  • I wanted to become a more theoretically grounded consultant.
  • Hartman was to me a polymath, someone who knows a whole lot about a lot of things. And I look back at my own career and I look at a lot of people who are using the instrument as consultants. If the only thing you're doing is the instrument, you're leaving a lot of richness off the table because Hartman was so thoughtful about so many different things that the theory of Formal Axiology is much richer than the instrument itself.
  • The stuff started by Robert S. Hartman in 1958 has created $7 trillion of personal wealth in America, and most people don't know that came from Hartman.

Timing on Recording: @ 20:18  ---

Topic 2How Would You Explain to Someone How this Science Lends Itself to so Many Disciplines?:

  • It is the Science of Value of Morals.
  •  Let's say a business is only about making money, but it should be about the human good, and the good of everyone involved in that, the science reframes a lot.
  • Book: From the Neck Up by Stephen Byrum.
  • Today's young people more than anything else don't want just a job when they graduate, they want to find meaning in their own lives and they want to make a difference in the world through their work. I believe Hartman's theory allows us to honor that ambition.
  • Balance of systemic, extrinsic and intrinsic.
  • Hartman’s theory provides a balanced perspective to your cognitive habits and provides a moral foundation to what we ought to be doing in the world.

Timing on Recording: @ 30:54 ---

Topic 3: Two gifts that the Hartman Value Profile Gives People:

  • One: It gives you the ability to bring to conscious awareness all patterns that you've had held subconsciously, these things that we don't know about how we think.
  • What are your habitual realities? Without the Hartman Value Profile, we don't know what our habitual thought patterns are.
  • Two: It brings to conscious awareness are called cognitive horizons, how far can you think, what are the limits of your cognitive processes? It gives us a language with which to understand it.
  • All understanding is linguistic; we can't process stuff if we don't have a language with which to process it.

Timing on Recording: @ 33:21  ---

Topic 4: Other Ways Hartman’s Work Has Impacted Your Life:

  • Hartman, “There are only four steps to a successful life. Number one, know yourself. Two, choose yourself. Three, grow yourself. And four, give yourself to something greater than you.”
  • My mission is to help my students to know themselves, choose themselves and give yourself to something greater than you.

Timing on Recording: @ 34:27  ---

Topic 5: What Would You Say Was Most Challenging For You Along the Way on this Journey to Where You Are Today?:

  • False starts.
  • Choosing yourself.
  • You have to know who you are to choose it.
  •  “The most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain
  •  Intrinsic Valuation of the Self.

Timing on Recording: @ 49:33  ---

Topic 6: Are There Additional Books or Training Programs That Have Been Instrumental in Your Developments?:

  • Doctoral training at Fielding Graduate University.
  • Workshops by Christina Thomas Fraser called The Inner Light Intensives.
  • Book: In Tune With the Soul by Christina Thomas.

Timing on Recording: @ 50:55  ---

Topic 7: When You Think of the Word Successful, Who's the First Person That Comes to Mind?:

  • Carl Rogers – How it took 30 years for his work to become mainstream.

Timing on Recording: @ 52:23  ---

Topic 8: What Do You Do Regularly to Create Your Own Wake Up Eager Days in Mind, Body and Spirit?:

  • Mind: Reading an hour a day enriches my mind.
  • Body: Have lost 20 pounds so far, halfway to my goal. Book: Wheat Belly
  • Spirit: My wife, My spiritual practice Self-realization Fellowship (Yoga), My hobby: Spoon carving.

Timing on Recording: @ 59:45  ---

Topic 9: Getting to Know Dr. Clifford Hurst:

  • A funny story your family tells about you: 5 year-old, “Nobody likes stupid people.”
  • Advice you would give you 25 year-old self: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” Oscar Wilde
  • If you could have a billboard anywhere, what would it say?: “The two most important days in your life for the day you were born in the day you figured out why.” Mark Twain
  • Last bit of wisdom, advice that you want everybody who's listening to take away: Remember those four steps to a successful life; Be yourself, choose yourself, grow yourself, and give yourself to something more important than you. 

Books Mentioned in the Podcast:

68thUnited Nations Civil Society Conference: Link Here

Contact Cliff Hurst:


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