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Workplace Motivators Certification
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First, What is the Workplace Motivators Assessment?

The Workplace Motivators Assessment is a powerful assessment that is often used along with the DISC Assessment to measure a person's top drivers and interests. It is used to determine job fit and to help an individual better understand his/her own motivations and interests.  It builds self and other awareness and leads to more work and life satisfaction.

The Workplace Motivators assessment accurately measures how a person scores in six motivation dimensions:

  1. Theoretical/Knowledge
  2. Utilitarian/Economic
  3. Social/Altruistic
  4. Traditional/Regulatory
  5. Aesthetic
  6. Individualistic/Political

Identifying the top two interests AND what a person is least interested in helps you measure what REALLY puts 'GAS IN THEIR TANK' - something that is not easily visible, but crucial to superior performance.  It tells you what drives behavior.   It will help you hire for job fit and select the candidates who are most likely to want to do the work, because their interests match what the job rewards.  It also helps leaders, trainers and coaches provide meaningful customized motivation specific to each employee. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Motivators assessment does NOT measure education, experience or intelligence, it only measures internal values and interest - "WHY we act."

Become a bona fide expert in less than two months.

Our six-week certification program allows for self-pacing or
pre-planned course-pacing to complete and test.

What's Included:

  • Our signature self-paced DISC Certification online study tools
  • 60+ DISC-related content, resources and tools
  • Physical and digital DISC Reference Manual Textbook
  • Exclusive video training (2+ hours)
  • Weekly Focus Check-Ins (Duration: Six-Weeks After Course Starts)
  • Practice Exams
  • Online Certification Exam
  • "Done for You" Team Building, On-boarding Workshops, Facilitation Guides and Agendas
  • Company branded online Assessment Center*
  • Comprehensive Marketing Resources
  • Plus, more training tools and resources!

*Your Company Branded Assessment Center gives you the ability to use the assessments with employees, clients and colleagues. 
You are only charged for assessments as they are used, and once you are certified you receive a 30% discount.

Learning Guarantees:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the DISC model, theory, and research.
  • Grow your confidence and competence to effectively interpret and debrief DISC and Talent Insights Reports in coaching and training.
  • Get the specific knowledge and facilitation training tools you need to apply the this methodology to leadership development, team effectiveness, communication strategies, coaching, hiring, and sales.
  • Know how to fully utilize DISC to coach and accelerate professional development.

Complimentary Bonuses:

  • Coaching Session with Expert Suzie Price 
  • DISC and Talent Insights Assessments to help you better understand, apply and practice using DISC
  • Certification Referral Program
  • Customized press release highlighting you and your new certification that we will share in all of our social media channels


  • Additional coaching calls can be provided, as requested, at $200 per call
  • Register for another Certification at the same time, receive a 20% discount
  • Register four+ people at the same time, from the same organization, receive a 10% discount

Our self-paced certification program gives you everything you
need to effectively and easily facilitate skill development and
personal and professional growth in others. 

The products we use are Safe Harbor-approved, non-discriminatory and are EEOC and OFCCP compliant.

Now Offered at $1,495 per person.

Our Certification Exams Have a 97% Pass Rate

  Pay online, now. We'll contact you and provide immediate access to all materials. 
You'll be a C.P.M.A. before you know it!

All training materials and coaching for one Certified Professional Motivators Analyst Program. (C.P.M.A.)

Refer someone to any of our Certification Programs and if they mention
your name and start a program YOU receive $100 credit to apply
towards your own future certification training, a coaching call or for five
complimentary side-by-side assessments.

Just make sure the person you recommend mentions your name when they contact us.
You can also
email us by clicking hereto let us know who you referred! 
Thank you in advance!!

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