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Wisdom Hunters & Lords Prayer

by Paul Terlemezian
(Atlanta, GA)

1. Every business morning I get an email from Wisdom Hunters. I make sure I read it - sometimes more than once before I leave the office or get started on my work day.

2. At the end of each day I repeat the Lord's Prayer at least once to make sure I am really listening to it and not just saying the words.

Paul Terlemezian
President, iFive Alliances, LLC -
Builders of Strategic Alliances



Thank you for sharing... I'll have to check out Wisdom Hunters.

Love what you said @ "really listening to it" when you say the Lord's Prayer.

There are so many ways we can and do connect to our Source, to Peace, to Wisdom, to All That Is. It just takes a little bit of focus throughout the day, and your tips demonstrate that. Thanks.

Hope all is more than well with you & iFive!
All the Best, and More!

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