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Who Would Follow You?

by Megan McFeely
( San Francisco Bay Area )

Well I think it is pretty simple. Integrity and dignity. If you don't take responsibility for your mistakes then no one will respect you. You probably will not respect yourself and then how can you lead? Who would follow you?

I find people are so afraid to be vulnerable...or be wrong. What if being wrong was just part of being human? Guess what? It is!

So once we start to accept that we are fallible and just trying to do our best then I think some really interesting things can happen...people start to be less afraid and be more creative.

It is actually a very beautiful process...

Megan McFeely
Outreach Director/Ass. Producer at Link TV's Global Spirit



Like your point - people are 'afraid to be vulnerable' - especially new leaders. Many feel as tho' they must have all the answers, and be right all the time, of they've failed.

Thank you for Sharing.
All the Best, and More!

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