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This Is More Important Than Integrity - It's...

by Tim Smith

The ability of a person to take real responsibility is directly related to the integrity they demonstrate which is a reflection of their character.

We all exercise integrity to a greater or lesser degree if we also exercise ownership. I've seen potentially great men break and run, their integrity dissolving because they have not truly taken ownership of the situation.

What is integrity? It's doing the same thing in private that you espouse to do in public.

What is more important than demonstrating integrity? Character.

That is the core of every person, their character. It's character that defies the odds and cements ownership. A captain who goes down with his ship demonstrates his utmost commitment to the cause, in other words he demonstrates character.

Integrity is a facet of character. Integrity is only proven through the crucible of trials which builds character.

Without character there is no ownership, without ownership one cannot demonstrate integrity.

Without character one will not take responsibility.



This is excellent. Thank you for sharing and tying integrity, ownership and character together. Well said...

Thank you for sharing...
All the Best, and More!

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