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Suggestion: Invent an "I CARE" Meter

by Dennis Darger
(Flagstaff, AZ)

t would be nice if someone would invent an "I CARE" meter that we could attach to prospective new employees.

Taking personal responsibility starts with management and the tone is set with management, but an employee that doesn't care can sure affect the attitude of other employees in a big way.

This lack of responsibility filters clear through to the customer. Customer service goes south and then the personal responsibility rests with me to repair the damage. Fixing the problem is what my customer expects and deserves.

In our water jet job shop, an employee can ruin thousands of dollars in minutes, if he doesn't care. When I hire him, I in effect put my stamp of approval on him for my customers.

The personal responsibility rests on me to check his/her references and experience.

Just a little different point of view.

Dennis Darger
Wet Jet Precision, Inc.

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