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Stress Management Insight and Mantras: 
21 Mind, Body & Spirit Truisms

stress management insight mantras and truisms

Use these mind, body & spirit stress management insight mantras as a way to remind yourself of actions you can take daily that lead to a greater sense of well-being and stress less living.

Mantras - Advice and Awareness:

A mantra is a powerful word or phrase.   The term is a Sanskrit
word "mantrana" that means advice or suggestion. 

A mantra is an often repeated word, formula, or
phrase, and is often a truism.

The 21 mantras/truisms listed below are from my eBook 120 Stress Management Strategies, Best Practices and Daily Tips.   In the book I provide stress management insight tips, articles, videos and online quizzes (one a day) to help you build more strength in three areas: Mind, Body and Spirit.  Review the 7 truisms/mantras for each area and use them to guide your thoughts and actions.

Stress Management Insight, Mantras & Truisms for Managing Your MIND:

stress management insight

The Wake Up Eager Managing Your MIND area in the book offers insight on the value of using your strengths, managing your blind spots, creating more flow into your day, goal-setting secrets and the power of personal accountability.

Here are the mantras for this area:

  • 1) "I embrace my preferences,  I focus on them and use them as often as I can." 
  • 2) "I create more energy and motivation when I consciously use my strengths and interests. These are my talents and Gift(s) to the World!" 
  • 3) "I name, claim and use my strengths. I also manage my blind spots."  
  • 4) "I take time to think about, in advance, what I want to accomplish every day."
  • 5) "I take time to think about what I want to accomplish on a daily basis.  I also have bigger-picture goals, written out that I review, revisit and take action on, on a regular basis."
  • 6) "I focus upon what I want and why I want it."
  • 7) "I take responsibility for my achievements AND my errors."

120 Stress Management
Strategies and Daily Tips Digital Book:
Mind, Body & Spirit Insights for Professionals

See a Complimentary 36-page Preview, Here

Stress Management Insight, Mantras & Truisms for Managing Your BODY:

stress management insight mantras and truisms

The Wake Up Eager Managing Your BODY area in the book offers stress management insight with informative  wellness statistics, why feeling good in your body matters to your professional success, on the value of keeping a food diary, how important breakfast is, why lack of sleep is worse that being drink, cardio and weight training resources and challenges.

Here are the mantras for this area:

  • 8)  (It's a long one, but a good one...)  "I like to eat and drink foods that nourish me and help me feel my best.  I do.  Taking time to plan ahead, so that I often pick healthy foods, is time well-spent. No one else can do this for me.  I do this so I can feel and be my best." 
  • 9)  "Every day I focus on eating more real food, and less packaged and processed food, because I want to feel my best."
  • 10) "I never work before breakfast; if I have to work before breakfast, I eat my breakfast first."
  • 11) "I make sure I get quality sleep because when I'm rested I think more clearly, I'm healthier and I'm able to handle stress."
  • 12) "I enjoy exercising and moving my body."
  • 13) "I appreciate myself and my body. I LIKE taking good care of me."
  • 14) “I like to move my body, and I do, every day.”

120 Stress Management
Strategies and Daily Tips Digital Book:
Mind, Body & Spirit Insights for Professionals

See a Complimentary 36-page Preview, Here

Stress Management Insight, Mantras & Truisms for Managing Your SPIRIT:

Wake Up Eager Wednesday Tips for 2019 focused on sharing the things I'm thinking about, doing and feeling - that contribute to my Wake Up Eager Life and Work, and we've compiled them into a simple eBook for you: 123 Mind, Body and Spirit Tips, Here.

stress management insight mantras and truisms

The Wake Up Eager Managing Your SPIRIT area in the book offers stress management insight with incredible statistics about the importance of having a strong network, and close personal and professional connection with others, actionable professional networking tips,  sample networking template so you feel confident comfortable when introducing yourself, and how to Listen Aggressively, one of the most important skills for building stronger personal and  professional relationships.

Here are the mantras for this area:

  • 15)  "I am willing to develop a close group of professional contacts with whom I can discuss challenges and celebrations."
  • 16)  "I regularly focus on building the strength of my professional network."
  • 17)  "I attend at least one organizational or association meeting in my field every quarter."
  • 18)  "I enjoy attending organizational or association meetings to Network. I like actively inviting people into my world by listening aggressively."
  • 19)  "I do not have any relationships that drag me down."
  • 20)   "They'll forget what I said and did, but they will NEVER forget how I make them feel."
  • 21)  “I have a circle of friends and family members who love, support, and appreciate me for who I am, and for more than just what I can do for them.”

Check out the daily tips available for each of these stress management insight mantras and truisms, here.

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