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Small Business Ideas & ‘Enter the Zone’
Wisdom from The Heart of Business

Mark Silver Small Business Ideas

If you want small business ideas that will help you build more profit AND more meaning into your daily business life I recommend visiting the Heart of Business Website run by 4th Generation Entrepreneur and Master Sufi Teacher Mark Silver.

I’ve been reading the Heart of Business Newsletter for several years. It’s one of those newsletters I always read, because Mark is so heart-felt AND practical. I also completed a 6 month coaching program with one of the Heart of Business Practitioners, Jason Stein, last Fall.

5 Reasons Why I Recommend Heart of Business for Small Business Ideas, Insight & Inspiration

  • Reason #5: The tools and resources provided here are practical and they work. For example they share a practical 6 step marketing syntax process that helps guide all article writing and marketing.
  • Reason #4: The Heafrt of Business newsletter is usally written by Mark, and what he shares is personal, revealing and helpful. He demonstrates the Power of being in the zone (one of the Five Wake Up Eager Habits for Leadership and Sales Pros) in a beautiful and practical way.
small business ideas marketing class
  • Reason #3: In addition to their numerous online & virtual programs with practical business ideas and resources, they have many free resources, like this: How to Say what You Do In One Sentence- Free Lesson (Good stuff, very helpful and FREE!)
  • Reason #2: I get all sorts of inspiration here, yes. But I also get small business ideas for my website, newsletter and social media approaches, just by observing their example. They’ve built a very large, worldwide online business by offering practical, valuable advice in an authentic, loving way. They are wonderful role model.
  • Reason #1: While they bring great clarity to business marketing, they also answer the why and’ how to’ around creating your own spiritual practice in simple and helpful ways. I love what Mark shares about Spiritual Alignment, “Attaining spiritual alignment is a lot more like eating than it is like working on a project. If you work on a project you expect it to be done and behind you. But when you eat, you aren’t surprised to find yourself hungry again at the next meal.”
small business ideas & heart of business

When I find something of value I always want to share it. Heart of Business is helpful in so many ways. If you want small business ideas, marketing insight and spiritual inspiration, check them out, here.**

**I want you to know that links in this article are Affiliate links, where if you purchase something, Priceless Professional will receive a financial thank you from the seller. I always stand by the recommendations of the products and people I recommend. For every program or product I mention, there's many others' I’ve chosen not to recommend.

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