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Ring of Peace Four Step Process

by John Murphy
(Grand Rapids Michigan)

Thank you for your post. I do many things each day to align myself with Source Energy and allow joy, peace and equanimity to flow in my life.

To narrow it to two, I would have to say this: One, I practice a four step model I call the Ring of Peace.

The steps are
1) Let Be - Accept what is and cannot change,
2) Let Go - Release limiting beliefs, grief, guilt, fear, doubt and false self,
3) Let See - with the vision of Spirit and Oneness, and
4) Let Flow - with divine life energy.

These four steps - Let Be, Let Go, Let See, Let Flow - are iterative and continuous in nature and remind me of the internal power and eternal light I carry.

The second thing I do is meditate, every morning, using Taoist healing rhythms and stillness to align myself with Source Energy and my natural state - i.e. happiness and well-being.

I hope this helps and offers insight for others. Blessings throughout this new year.

John Murphy
President at Venture Management Consultants, Inc.



Thanks for sharing this with us.

To others, be sure to check out John's website and his book: Beyond Doubt for more on this process.

Being in 'the flow' is more than good.

Thank you again for taking time to communicate, create and share.
All the Best, and More!

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