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Relationship Communication Breakdown At Work!!!

by Narisa
(New Zealand )

Relationship Communication Breakdown At Work, Big troubling, made me lost the respect from the team.

No one listening and always ignoring good things that I try to present.

I been working only 3 weeks, it's very sort time to learning and pick up thing...pressure!!!

Has caused me to lose my confidence, and I can't be my self, people try to keep talking me 'who I am'...not 'what I am'

Today, I decided to leave my job because I was trying before but everyone took the wrong way!

Big crisis!!!

But I'm always positive and be myself. Growing my vegetable at home, always welcome to helping any people.

Thank you so much for your very good article, it was very helpfull for me.




It's so hard when working somewhere is not a match. A hard process to go through...

You sound resilient and resolved! Good for you. Seeing you bouncing back from this, and over time feeling surer and stronger for the experience.

The best thing about something that feels so bad (like this experience for you) is that you get clearer and surer about what's next and what you want.

Seeing All the Best for You,
Professional Facilitator and Blogger

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