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Rarely Looking Anywhere Else

by Nigel Wall
(Caribbean Nations)

1. Buy a small mirror and just before you sharpen your real or metaphorical finger to attribute blame, check the mirror first!

2. Recognize the 3 choices. Firstly to accept the situation as it is, next to work positively to change it and third to leave it. Complaining is never an option.

I have a hundred more, but that was just to warm up!

My first book Ask Leadership has lots in it (obvious selling going on here - you can get it on Amazon), my next book out in April has the rest!!!!

A hint though from book 2 ....
People who have clear goals, a determination to succeed, a fire in their belly and take action to achieve their goals, rarely look anywhere other than at themselves for motivation.

They see every challenge as the best thing that ever happened and drive through it. They also have an awesome positive mental attitude....

Nigel Wall
President, Ask Leadership



These are great tips. Appreciate all your points and insights. Thanks for contributing.

All the Best, and More!

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