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My Personal Responsibility Guidelines

by Doug MacLeod
(Los Angeles)

Without a doubt agree to "Taking personal responsibility for your actions is crucial to success in any career, esp. leadership."

In a leadership role, the people that you are leading (and also helping them be the most effective that they can be) need to rely on the consistent qualities of the leader.

Knowing that they agree and can stand behind not only the rationale for action but also the morality of the action is critical. I think that if someone has reservations or doubt about an assignment given, it isn't done as well as it could be.

There is also the aspect of being able, whether as a leader or an individual, to fall asleep at night without guilt or second guessing nagging at your thoughts. If you are able to say that the choices that have been made and the action taken are the best that could be done, then there is much less internal conflict.

In this area of personal responsibility, there are four guidelines that I use:

- Does this action line up with the qualities or actions from my mentors or influences in life?

-Can I look at myself and feel that I've done right?

-If there are any questions or doubts from others can I give an explanation that is not questionable?

-If what I've done is not right, how can it be corrected?

Doug MacLeod
Independent Hospital & Health Care Professional

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