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My Number One Tip Is...

by Tammy

I agree that taking personal responsibility is one of the most crucial leadership characteristics and, unfortunately, is not as widespread as it should be in what has often become a "pass the buck" culture.

While I can't control every action of everyone that I lead, I can control my actions and set a good example.

If I own my own company, it is ultimately my responsibility if there are any customer complaints. While an employee may have been rude to a customer, I am still responsible for that experience... whether it be that I hired the wrong person for the job, didn't develop them appropriately, didn't clarify the culture and work ethics I expected, etc.

Here's my number one tip on personal responsibility in leadership: if I expect someone to accomplish something, I have to make sure the expectations are clearly understood, it is within the person's ability to accomplish, and I have to check in and ensure it's being done.

I'm not talking micro-management, either. If you don't bother to inspect something you've asked to be done, you can be sending the signal that that work isn't important.

On the other hand, if you take 5 minutes to talk with the person about an update, you send the signal that work is important, you get an update on progress, and you can answer any questions and clarify any misunderstandings.

Hope this perspective helped. Have a lovely day,
Business Partner, Diversity/Inclusion Program Development and Facilitation, and Training Project Manager



Agree with your number 1. If every leader, every where (on teams, in volunteer groups, in families, formal leaders and informally appointed leaders) spent more time confirming expectations, ability, understanding and then, followed up, well - a whole lot more would get done.

And, there would be a whole lot less frustration on both sides.

Thanks for sharing this important #1.
All the Best, and More!

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