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My Favorite Secret Is...

by Patty Loez
(Fort Collins)

I agree that my favorite "secret" is living in the present and enjoying the moment. I have small children and some of the things they say and do are so precious!

When we don't live in the moment, we might gloss over our successes as though we didn't really deserve them (despite the energy, effort, and time put into achieving them).

We need to sit quietly, feel them, and enjoy them (we can sure devote a lot of time and energy to reliving our failures!).

Another secret is practicing gratitude -- being grateful for the people in my life, for the successes and the challenges that have made me a more authentic, thoughtful, inclusive, and resilient person.

Patty Lopez
Component Design Engineer



Love what you share about sitting quietly and feeling and enjoying our successes, not glossing over them. It's all a matter of what we choose to highlight, right?

And the really cool thing is, we can choose. And then, when we choose again and again, it starts to become a pattern, then a habit, then a belief and expectation.
It becomes just the way we think and be...but it all starts with using our will to focus.

It's the choosing that's the 'trick' - love the ease, simplicity and raw and absolute power in that!

Thanks for sharing here...and keep enjoying every moment and being such a powerful example for your kids.

All the Best, and More!

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