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Motivating Yourself and Your Workforce...
What You Wish You Knew A Workshop for Motivating Employees

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Client Comments:

"We enjoy working with Suzie because she’s full of energy, has strong leadership and communication skills, is organized and does a great job of “mining” issues to help in coming up with sound solutions for our team."
L.E,. VPHR, mid-sized manufacturing company, Leadership development and team building programs

"Thank you for all of your help to better focus on specific target areas. Your insight and direction continues to be very valuable. Thank you!"
Senior Sales Executive, Agriculture Market

"I wanted to say “Thank You” for your time and instructing our  Leadership group.  Your method of instructing kept our group motivated throughout the day (even after the long night on Wednesday).  The course materials that you presented truly opened my eyes into both some strengths and weaknesses for me.  It isn’t always easy to look inside, but in order to truly improve, the first person you have to be honest with is yourself.  The materials led to some of this self-discovery."

"Lastly, I also wanted to say how much I appreciate your willingness to work with us during our physical training segments.  Leading by example is sometimes hard to do, but you displayed a fine example of this when you came to these workouts."

A.R., Assistant Manager

"I wanted to thank you so much for the great course you taught.  I learned a lot about not only being a leader, but also about myself and why I do some of the things I do. Thank you!"

C.K. Marketing Manager

Use this workshop for motivating employees to help: Reduce Stress. Improve Inconsistent Performance. Increase Energy and Drive.

As you learn about the six different motivators and work drivers for yourself and others through your validated and customized Workplace Motivators assessment, you will

  • Increase your resilience and motivation through a better understanding of your own and others motivators
  • Decrease daily conflict in three areas:  internal conflict (me-me), external conflict (me-you) and job conflict (me-job)

What Outcomes Can You Expect?

You will learn about the different drives and stresses of each of the six motivators.  You will also discover your top motivations, better understand exactly why you have internal and external conflict. After the program, you will be able to

  • proactively manage your own motivation, drive  and energy on a daily basis - you will know EXACTLY actions you need to take to reduce stress 
  • understand why you have conflict on the job and/or with others, how to minimize it and you'll be able to take steps to reduce tension and stress
  • better motivate and manage others
  • build stronger, more supportive peer, boss, direct report and customer relationships because you will better understand 'the world' through the other person's eyes
  • improve resilience and productivity
  • make better hiring decisions by matching a person's inner drives to what the job will reward, for more long term motivation

Blended Learning and Tools to Support Ongoing Development

Our standard program includes

  • Individual customized Workplace Motivators validated assessment
  • Workplace Motivators Workbook
  • Job Aids: Strengths Tracker Worksheet and Workplace Motivators Tips Reminders
  • Just in time coaching by email - optional

*** Side-Note:  Also consider using an even more robust assessment, the: DISC and Workplace Motivators Assessment for even richer team and individual insight and understanding. Contact Suzie to discuss your goals to see if this would be a good option.****

Intended Audience:

This program works for almost any type of professional.   If you have a team of people and you want them to work better together and better understand themselves and others, this workshop is perfect for motivating employees!

  • teams
  • supervisors, managers, executives
  • trainers
  • board members
  • consultants
  • facilitators

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