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Like a Balanced Teeter Totter

by Marlene Chism
(Springfield, Missouri)

So many great thought leaders on this page! Choice and responsibility must balance. The more choices we get the more responsibility we must take.

It is like a balanced teeter totter with the fulcrum point in the middle. If you get a 5 lb weight called "choice" and put it on the left side of the teeter totter, you must also get a 5 lb weight called "responsibility" to place on the right side.

Any time choice is greater than responsibility there is trouble. We are seeing this imbalance in our world right now because technology provides many more choices but we forget that we have to balance that with responsibility.

Responsibility can only be maintained when you recognize your choices and act consciously instead of unconsciously taking liberties without considering the consequences...take texting and driving for instance.

Love this subject and I have thought about it deeply.
Marlene Chism
Founder of Stop Your Drama



The teeter totter analogy is a good one.
Also, more choices=more responsibility.

Thank you for sharing.
All the Best, and More!

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