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Lie to Myself - It Works!

by Joel Segurola

I take "ALL" bad experiences as "GOOD" with the thought that ALL happens for the best "IF" I allow it too...

I started this 20 years ago as a lie to myself, but after years have passed I've found it to be quite true.

Now all happens for the best in my life. Car brakes - a good experience comes from it; a good relationship ends, a much better one begins, etc...

Joel Segurola



It's all perspective isn't it? This 'lie' works. I agree, practicing optimism makes it stick and then it just becomes the norm for us. Very cool.

Love this. Thanks for sharing!

All the Best, and More!


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Jan 14, 2010
Joel's Book - A Link
by: Suzie

Here's a book Joel wrote that maybe of to others.

21st Century Practical Spiritual Metaphysic Guide book for Atheist s & Agnostics

See the interesting comments from others who have read the book. Thanks Joel for sharing.

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