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Improving Self Confidence as a
Leader AND a Parent

improving self confidence as a parent

Improving self confidence as a leader and parent go hand in hand.  Even though I am not a parent - I always try to improve who I am so I can be a good aunt.

I notice in my workshops and consulting work,  in one-to-one client conversations people almost always want to talk about how they can apply skills we've covered to a personal situation they are dealing with.

As hard as we seem to try to separate our personal and professional lives, the line between them is blurry and there's lots of crossover.   A lot of what has been said about leadership through the ages translates to wisdom for parents.

A colleague of mine  put together this EXCELLENT and touching video that demonstrates that as you focus on improving self confidence in one area, it crosses over to the other:

Powerful Leadership and Parenting
Motivation Quotes:

"Almost everything in leadership (parenting) comes back to relationships."
Mike Krzyzewski, American college basketball coach (1947- )

"Outstanding leaders (parents) go out of their way to boost the
self-esteem of their personnel. 
If people believe in themselves,
it's amazing what they can accomplish."

Sam Walton, American business leader (1918-1998)

"A good coach (parent) will make his players see what they can be,
rather than what they are."

Ara Parseghian, American college football coach (1923- )

"A leader (parent) is a dealer in hope."
Napoleon Bonaparte, French emperor (1769-1821)

"And the truth is that the best leaders (parents)
desire to serve others, not themselves." 

John C. Maxwell, American author (1947- )

"The leader (parent) has to be practical and a realist, yet must talk
the language of the visionary and the idealist." 
Eric Hoffer, American philosopher (1902-1983)

"As a leader (parent) you should always start with where people are
before you try to take them to where you want them to go."
Jim Rohn, American author (1930-2009)

"Leadership (Parenting) is practiced not so much
in words as in attitude and in actions." 

Harold Geneen, American business leader (1910-1997)

"There is no more powerful leadership (parenting) tool than your own personal example.... Be what you want your team to become." 
John Wooden, American college basketball coach (1910-2010)

If you are focused on improving your self confidence in your leadership skills, which could in turn positively impact your parenting skills, check out our coaching and training programs for leaders.

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