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Stand Out in a Crowd, Become An Expert: How to Build Self Confidence By Building Expertise

Yes You Can

"I feel confident in my professional skills
and often feel like an expert in my field."

When you feel like an expert and sure of your professional skills, you bring inner strength and motivation to your work, it's easier to stay focused and committed to what you do and you believe you’ll succeed, and you do!

The benefits of becoming an expert are crucial to building self-confidence. Some benefits include:

  • Your feelings of inner strength and empowerment radiate out to others and make you an exciting and fun person.
  • You stand out and can become recognized as an industry leader, which can boost your career options.
  • You can help more people.
  • You build higher trust with employees, customers, peers, and bosses. This often results in more sales, prosperous relationships, success.

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Download the How to Build Self-Confidence Workbook

Use this free workbook to reject mediocrity and become an expert!  It includes six straightforward and helpful exercises that will help you build more your confidence and expertise.  Including:

  1. Steps for getting clear about your role
  2. Understanding expectations and goal setting
  3. Expert/peer interview worksheet
  4. Making a plan
  5. Naming and claiming your values
  6. Developing the "I approve of me..." mindset

There are two focus areas that are key into to how to build self confidence and for becoming and feeling more like at expert:

  1. The first focus area is about how you view and value your role and work.

    You must learn to think about and view what you do clearly and positively.  If you don't feel that way today, you can, with just a little bit of focus, start looking at your work differently.
  2. The second focus area is about how you view and value yourself.

    You must begin seeing yourself more clearly and positively. As you know your strengths, values and talents, appreciating your own value as a unique person, you'll be more effective in your role (and in every other area of your life).

Music to Inspire You  "Let Your Light Shine..." by Keb Mo

Part of how to build self confidence begins with the conversations we have with ourselves, about ourselves.  If you reminded yourself of how amazing you are, often, you'd probably see how amazing you are more easily.

That's why I love the lyrics to "Let Your Light Shine" an inspiring song encouraging us all to become the experts we're truly meant to be, by reminding us that we're all amazing.

Here are the lyrics to Keb Mo's 'Let Your Light Shine':

-You want to get over. What are you gonna do? Watch the world go by In a corner of the room?

I know, None of my business. But there's something I need to say, If you could see
you the way I see you you'd start flying on your own.

Step aside and . . .(refrain): Let your light shine. Let your love show It's a short ride
down the long road. When the rains come And the winds blow Let your light shine Wherever you go.

This world is ready and waitin, For you to break on through. It's time to recognize,To realize,
You're the only one like you.Step on up, Step into your greatness. Don't be afraid.There's a
place where you will rise up to; No one else could do what you do.

Get out of the way... (refrain): Let your light shine. Let your love show It's a short ride
own the long road. When the rains come And the winds blow Let your light shine Wherever you go.

Download the How to Build Self-Confidence Workbook

Become the expert that you came here to be.

“There are countless ways of attaining greatness, but any road to reaching one's
maximum potential must be built on a bedrock of respect for the individual,
a commitment to excellence, and a rejection of mediocrity.”

Buck Rogers

Three Actions to Become an Expert...

I asked Leadership and Training Experts on social networking website, Linked In, to share their insights on this topic. They answered this question: "What three actions can a person take to feel confident in their professional skills and often feel like an expert in their field?  What has most helped you feel like an expert?" 

Here are some of their responses...

Other Experts shared their insights, and you can too. Use this form to answer the same questions and inspire others. Also, scroll below the form to see more wisdom & input around how to build self confidence and become an expert...

Share Your Insights Here...

"What three actions a person can take to feel confident in their professional skills and often feel like an expert in their field?

What has most helped you feel like an expert?

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