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Home Workout Regime Videos from Sal

by Sal Marinello
(New York City Area)

For the most part my weekend workouts are outside and not at the gym. After over 35 years of training and over 20 years of working as a strength coach/personal trainer staying out of the gym for workouts helps to keep my batteries charged. I spend enough time inside and training in a gym.

I use both traditional and non-traditional training methods and keep the intensity up and the volume down.

Calisthenics, sledgehammer work, ground-based complex movements and other non-traditional methods are ideal for this kind of training.

Sal Marinello
Experienced Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur and Fitness Writer


Sal, Your videos are great! Thank you for taking the time to share... I encourage Wake Up Eager readers to check out all the fitness tips and insights on your website -

Thanks Sal!

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