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Easier to Abdicate Responsibility and Complain

by Jason Rosen
(New York City Area)

This is a great topic! Responsibility for our actions is absolutely critical to a career and in all facets of life. All to often I hear people bemoan their lot in life. They hate their job, their love life is sub-par, etc. While none of us live in a vacuum, we certainly have to acknowledge that we choose how we act and react in those situations.

We may not be able to control the company we work for but we certainly should take ownership of our work product, interaction and ultimately our role.

Everyday we go to the office we should acknowledge that we are re-affirming a decision that this what we want to do. If we do not like something, then we should be taking responsibility to improve our lives.

This leads to another large commitment which is that we have to define and acknowledge what it is that we value and set our goals accordingly.

Too often, I see this as the missing ingredient to happiness. For many it is easier to abdicate responsibility and complain.

Ultimately there is great freedom to be found in taking responsibility for our actions.

Thanks for making me think.
Jason Rosen
Turning Fear into Focus, Energy, Action & Results. Planning, analysis, management consulting


Hey James,

Agree, there IS great freedom in this.
Thank you for sharing!
All the Best, and More!

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