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Courage and Finanaces Helped Me Get More Work Life Balance

by Anamika C
(Bombay, India)

After 17 years of corporate life I had the courage to get out of the rat race. During the 17 years I made a conscious decision not to bring work home but with a consulting job I was hardly at home!

Now I have consciously decided to work on my own terms. Of course it helps that I have some financial reserves.

Initially it was a little disheartening not to get opportunities in spite of excellent credentials.

I focused on building a network, sending emails to complete strangers who I knew, could help me. After 5 months I started seeing the rewards. I have bagged a couple of prestigious (and fortunately well paying) assignments. I updated my LinkedIn profile and started participating in discussion forums. And people started contacting me. Also got to know of opportunities through friends and acquaintances.

I am confident I will make it. Now I decide which assignments to take on and which not to - depending on whether my daughter has a dance performance, or whether she has to be taken to skating classes or whether I need to go on a holiday with family/ friends.

In the initial years I slogged and at the end of the day really did not have any energy to watch movies (which I love) or pursue my hobbies. During that time, I doubt if I would have been successful if I focused on a 'rewarding' life beyond my work.

So I think the major resource required is finances. And financial security comes with age and experience and a focus on developing the right skills. This is my view.

Anamika C
Professional Training & Coaching

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