Counting Calories to Lose Weight: Daily Motivation Tool Review

Counting calories to lose weight is crucial to getting and feeling in charge of yourself and your life.

I discuss the importance of the Law of Energy Balance:on my eating healthy important actions page: If you eat more than you expend your body will be out of balance and overweight.

Yes, counting calories to lose weight and to get more fit and lean is important. But it can be boring and tiresome.

Not any more!!!

This tool, the GoWear Fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System makes counting calories to lose weight interesting and easy.

The GoWear fit system is different from all other performance monitors on the market. It's not a heart-rate monitor, a GPS device, or a simple pedometer. Instead, it's a system for counting calories to lose weight, that includes:

  1. GoWear fit multi-sensor armband
  2. GoWear fit Online Activity Manager (subscription based)
  3. GoWear fit minute-to-minute display (optional)

I've owned this device for six months. When I first got it I wore it continuously to help me create solid, positive habits.Now I just wear it every once in awhile to keep my habits strong.

Here's what it does and why I like it:

  • It tracks: calorie expenditure, calorie and activity goals, calorie balance, number of steps taken and sleep duration, patterns and efficiency.
  • It's lightweight, I often forget that I'm wearing it.
  • It's a cool gadget - and gadgets that are helping me to count calories to lose weight are fun!
  • You have anytime access to how you're doing with the Law of Energy Balance. It's simple to download data in the evenings OR you can track in real time with the GOWear display/watch.
  • It's an incredible motivator. If I've been sitting alot,I can see that my calorie expenditure is low. That helps me decide to get more active. I've been known to run up and down the stairs 20 times, when I can't get to the gym. If I wasn't tracking this, I'd just keep sitting.
  • It's a great educator. The online Activity Manager helps you establish your goals, track your progress, and give you tools to help you know how many calories you're eating, on average, per day - much more information than just calories chart counting!
  • It also has a reminder feature, were you can program 2 alarms to go off anytime during the day. I use this to remind me to take my vitamins.
  • The sleep tracker is amazing. You can really get answers to what causes tiredness for you. If sleeping well is a problem for you, check out my end excessive tiredness eBook review, here.
  • If you want to get serious about counting calories to lose weight, you really need to get one of these counters. It helps you be accountable to yourself.
  • It minimizes the tendency to make excuses. The counting calories to lose weight is all there in black and white: Here's what you ingested and how much you burned off. If you're not losing weight then the reason is right there in front you.
  • This tool makes it that much harder to kid yourself.

No software comes with this counting calories to lose weight device.

There are three possible pieces to purchase:

  1. GoWear fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System
  2. GoWear fit Display Device THIS IS OPTIONAL.
  3. The Online Activity Manager. Purchased from GoWear Fit. The monitor can store up to 14 days of calorie data before it stops logging. Once it fills up you have to upload the data to the website. The Online Activity Manager is FREE for three months with Amazon purchase. Then the monthly plan, if you commit to 12 months is $6.95/month. Pretty cheap.

On Amazon you'll find a very good and short overview video. You'll also see the graphs and charts available with The System.

If you're serious about creating a Wake Up Eager life, making peace with food and your body is key. Use this tool to help guide you along the way.

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