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Can Be Fatal

by Karla Brandau

I believe improvement comes in two ways: 1 - managers are responsible for holding their employees accountable for deadlines and promised work.

If deadlines are not met with no seemingly effort to do so or if promised work is not delivered, then the manager should not let that go unnoticed.

Each manager, of course, will have different ways of dealing with this and different consequences even if that is just to question why the work is not finished or the deadline is not met.

Ignoring the accountability issue can be fatal to the work environment. You will get people who feel entitled to a pay check and to benefits without producing real results.

And then there is the individual side. To me, it is a matter of character to deliver what I promise.

I like the free workbook and quiz.
Karla Brandau


Hey Karla,

Love how you point out that lack in this area can be fatal!

Glad you like the workbook and quiz, coming from you, the training queen of the world, that is high praise. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing.
All the Best, and More!

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