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Autocratic Leadership? How This One Skill  Can Rescue a 'Sometimes Jerk' Leader...

Here's an exaggerated example of autocratic leadership from a Cathay Pacific Airways commercial:

While we don't know for sure how the executive in the video leads every day, we can assume that these jerk behaviors lend themselves to an autocratic leadership style that meads to being called a dictator behind his back.

 Autocratic Leadership Style 
An Autocratic Leader is when a leader dominantly tells
their employees what they want done and how they
want it accomplished, without getting the advice of their team.
Someone with this style is often referred to, behind their back, as a dictator.
Studies show that if this Style is used predominantly,
employees resist, productivity declines and turnover increases.

I had one of those bosses one time - her name was Beverly. 

She was a lot like the guy in the video. I have no fond memories of working for her, and she taught me a lot about what NOT to do as a leader. 

Bad bosses have a way of leaving a negative vibe that never really goes away, but they can teach us many things.

devil wears prada

Another past boss, Tony, was not perfect. 

In fact, he could be a jerk at times. But - I have so many fond memories of him. And, even though he wasn't perfect, I'd consider him a great boss and leader.

Leaders carry a heavy load of responsibility full of pressure, change and competing interests. Almost all leaders will occasionally have more than a few "I just did some thing that makes me look like a jerk" moments. I believe that that is just part of being a leader and being human! 

My old boss Tony certainly had what we thought were 'Jerk Leader' moments.  But the difference between Tony and Beverly was that Tony was really good at this important leadership skill: Cultivating a Positive Sense of Self in Others.

Tony's ability to build a positive sense of self in with every person on his team, evokes in me now (20 years later) and then - trust, loyalty, thoughts of appreciation and a willingness to work hard for him and with him.

No Leader Is Perfect, But This Skill Makes a Difference:
Cultivating a Positive Sense of Self in Others
This is the ability to cultivate, sustain or build a positive
sense of self (self-confidence) in other people.

What Tony Did Right - It's Why We Trusted Him...

Here's How Tony Demonstrated the Cultivate a Positive Sense of Self in Others leadership skill:

  • Even when he sometimes did and said "jerk" things, I always felt like he believed in me and my abilities. Even when I made a mistake.
  • Every day he seemed sincerely interested in every employee on the team.
  • He expected the best from each of us and spent time giving us feedback - about the good stuff and about what we could improve.
  • Tony had high expectations of the team. His overall belief in our ability caused each of us to DO more and to try to BE more.
  • He never yelled and he never had to push us.  I remember him as a wise, tough and caring mentor.

For a free leadership skill quiz and three actions you can take right now to build your ability to Cultivate a Positive Sense of Self in Others, go to page 2 of this article.

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