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Nancy Ainsworth, BALANCED GROWTH LEADERSHIP, an affiliate of Dynamic Directions, Joins Ranks of Certified DISC and Workplace Motivators Experts

Owensboro, KY – December 9, 2020

Priceless Professional Development is pleased to announce that Nancy Ainsworth, coach and consultant at Balanced Growth Leadership, an affiliate of Dynamic Directions, has successfully completed certification training and is now a Certified Professional DISC Analyst (CPDA) and Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA). These classifications certify that Ms. Ainsworth is an expert in applying both DISC and Workplace Motivators methodologies to enhance coaching and professional development, including superior analysis and utilization of the DISC and Workplace Motivators assessments to create impactful results for both leaders and their teams.  

“Having achieved the CPDA and CPMA certifications, Nancy is expertly prepared to utilize the leading scientifically-based behavioral assessments and proven DISC and Motivators methods to coach and accelerate professional development,” said Suzie Price, founder of Priceless Professional Development.

Ms. Ainsworth said, “Being a Certified Professional DISC AND Workplace Motivators Analyst helps me skillfully coach my clients to understand both their communication and motivation styles and those of others. By understanding these styles, they will be better able to lead their organizations, manage conflict, and have unique professional development plans for increased productivity and workplace satisfaction.”

DISC is a popular communication style model and leadership assessment tool that helps people better understand human behavior and improve effective communication with others. The DISC assessment accurately measures four communication styles/dimensions of behavior, which are each associated with a behavioral style. The DISC assessment does NOT measure education, experience, values or intelligence, it only measures observable human behavior.

Workplace Motivators is a powerful assessment tool that is used to measure a person’s top drivers and interests. It is often used alongside DISC to determine job fit and build individual and team awareness for better work and life satisfaction. The Motivators assessment does NOT measure education, experience or intelligence, it only measures internal values and interest. 

About Balanced Growth Leadership Balanced Growth Leadership is an affiliate of Dynamic Directions, an award-winning coaching and consulting firm specializing in building a better life and practice for financial advisors. Dynamic Directions focuses on comprehensive coaching and consulting as well as specialized areas of practice, including: entrepreneurship, marketing and operations. Learn more at

About Priceless Professional Development Priceless Professional Development is an award-winning facilitation and consulting company helping leaders to use assessment science to reduce drama and to build an energetic, committed wake up eager workforce. Priceless Professional Development offers certifications in DISC, Workplace Motivators and TriMetrixHD. Learn more at


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