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Suzie's Books: Finding Motivation and Support for Personal and Professional Development

Finding motivation and support, day in and day out, is important for creating the successful and joy-filled life and business you desire and deserve. That's why we've created the Wake Up Habits Daily Tips Books, which will eventually be a total of five books (and mini-training sessions)  for each of the Five Wake Up Eager Habits for Leaders.  Preview each book now:

120 Stress Management

stress management strategies

120 Stress Management Strategies
and Daily Tips for Professionals

Get 120 strategies and tips for organizing
your day, playing to your strengths and
managing your blind spots (Mind);
feeling healthy and better in your body
with nutrition, sleep and fitness Tips
(Body); creating closer personal
connections and a stronger
professional network (Spirit).
Get 30+ hours of training and
coaching conversations and it's
available to be read
on your Kindle   or on your
computer or iPad.

120 Stress Management
Strategies and

Daily Tips for Professionals.

70 How to Hire Superior
Performers Best Practices...

how to hire superior performers

How to Hire Superior Performers: 70 Best Practices, Strategies and Tips

These 70 how to hire right strategies
and tips
helps you avoid the top
thirteen hiring mistakes, shares
best hiring practices, step-by-step
processes, interview questions,
five videos and 12 downloadable
worksheets. This book also includes
optional tip-a-day emails.
Get 17+ hours
of training and
coaching conversations to help you hire
superior performers!  Available in print,
to be read on your Kindle or
on your computer or iPad, here.

How to Hire Superior Performers:
70 Best Practices, Strategies
and Tips for Interviewers

Employing The Exponential Growth Principle: Improve 1% A Day & You're Twice Improved!

Our Tips Books, for finding motivation and support,  are based upon the concept of compound interest and the 1% a Day Exponential Growth Principle.  You've heard of compound interest, right?   It's when you make small investments and over time your investments grow in exponential fashion, not linearly. 

This 'compound magic' can also be applied to personal and professional development for developing new habits.   In fact - it's one of the smartest ways to make improvements because it's do-able, it works with how your brain changes patterns and habits, and it gives you great gain!

The Exponential Growth Principle: 
You can strengthen ANY Area of your life, by leaps and bounds, by focusing on that area
less than 15 minutes a day (1%). And, in 70 days, you'll be twice improved.

Each Tip, Training and Coaching Conversation that you receive will require no more than 1% of your time and daily focus.  That's less than 15 minutes a day.  Pick the Tips Program that most interests you, and get started. While you can read the Daily Tips in any order you choose, they're designed to be read Monday though Friday. And you even have the option to activate Monday-Friday emails to coordinate with your 'work'  in the book.

All books can be read on any computer, iPad or mobile device that has the PDF or Amazon Kindle App.  Pick the Tips Program that most interests you, and get started...

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