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A Sports Example - At All Comes Down to Leadership

by Brian P. Hower
(Erie, Pennsylvania Area)

Yes, good input Doug. I'm back just because I have another example from my former sports participation. I had 2 coaches in high school. Basketball and baseball.

Both teams had above average talent compared to other area schools. Yet the 2 teams fared extremely differently. One losing 75% of the games. The other winning 90%.

I would like to say that the 90% was all because of ME but, uh, I was on the other team too.

So, it really came down to leadership. The coaches and the senior team members. One team's coach was calm, methodical and at times stern with us -- but never yelled or harshly criticized

The other coach was fiery, screamed and yelled and was fairly critical of our mistakes. The senior team members were also more "stay to themselves".

So you can probably tell which team was more successful--right?

Any how, there is truth that good leaders can be floated by their underlings. But the underlings will only do that if they respect the leader.

Both sides must know what their respective accountabilities are--and then strive to achieve and surpass them together.

Brian P. Hower

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