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2019 Robert S. Hartman Institute Conference - Presentation:

This presentation was shared at the 43rd Annual Robert S. Hartman Institute Conference on October 24, 2019 at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah

Talk Overview: Suzie has trained hundreds of Human Resource Leaders on Axiology with great success.  In this session she'll reveal two practical approaches you absolutely must take to successfully gain Human Resource Leader's interest and willingness to learn and apply axiology to their hiring and coaching practices.  You'll have new practical training  exercises, verbiage, PPT slides with fifteen best practices learned from over fifteen years of being a student of Hartman's work.

Our Model...

Reduce Resistance and Complexity Themes...

Key Points Covered and Related Documents...

  • Presentation Power Point Slides
  • Presentation Script and Notes
  • BASIC Debrief Process - Two Step Debrief and Worksheet
  • Six Axiology Dimensions  - Interview Questions
  • Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast: Assessment-Related Podcasts
  • Wake Up Eager Workforce Podcast Directory
  • ADVANCED: Axiology Graph and Dimensions - Flash Card/Memory Jogger Card
  • Other Ideas and Tools Shared in the Presentation:
    (See the PowerPoint and script for more details.)
    - You First... ask, check in, listen BEFORE sharing
    - Simple Cost of Turnover Tool
    - (Best Selling Book) TopGrading by Dr. Bradford Smart
    - Use Hartman and RSHI History - see how I share
    - Share Hartman's book: Freedom to Live
    - Say This ALOT - "According to the Assessment..."
    Well-received Hartman quote about what we/they must figure out.
    - Car Analogy to explain five FIT factors and put axiology into context
    - Definition competition game when training.
    - Teach Back exercise for the six dimensions when training.
    - Create a Jeopardy Game competition when training.
    - Capture and be ready to share real life stories and examples of performance strength and challenges.

To Me - THIS IS the Epitome of 'Being Intrinsic' in All Relationships...

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