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No WUE Lesson Today,
I'm M.I.A. - O.K.?

deserted swing

I've been M.I.A. (Missing In Action) - Online since late May.

I produced no new newsletters, no new blog posts and had very few social media interactions for eight weeks!

I didn't really plan to be M.I.A.- Online.

But, as family and friends visited us, (11 Guests in eight weeks - more company then we usually have in a whole year - our new mountain home was part of 'the draw') and my work-schedule blossomed with Workshops, selection assessments and surveys, I had no choice.

Time with loved ones and meaningful work, THAT's exactly what I want. And at the same time, trying to juggle our Guests and my work priorities wasn't easy. Not only was I stressed, I was judging myself for being stressed!

Something had to give.

Waking Up Eager is a commitment I've made to myself to make daily choices that promote my own sense of ease so that I bring my 'Best Self' to whatever I'm doing.

With my "Wake Up Eager Pledge" in mind, I decided to let go of non-essential activities until things slowed down.

I had to tell myself, "Sometimes, M.I.A. is O.K., and this is one of those times."

At first I judged myself for not "pushing through." For not "being committed to my Work." But I soon knew it was the right choice, because I began being a much better (and happier) Hostess and Consultant.

And, now that our Guests are gone, and Work has settled back into a steadier pace, not one bad thing happened as a result of me taking care of me first. Not one thing! Plus, I've come back to my Online-work refreshed and invigorated.

I've developed a new talk (click here for more info), I have several new Products in the works (more on this in future newsletters) and my Blog/Website traffic blossomed over the Summer! Yep, Sometimes, M.I.A. is O.K.

What About You? Are you feeling pressure and stress? Could you create your own "M.I.A is O.K." experience?

Are you willing to put your desire for feelings of well-being ahead of pleasing others and/or meeting some 'mark on a chart' around what you think you 'should' be doing?

Is there anything you can 'release for awhile' so you can get back to a greater sense of ease and well-being? And, if you can't release any of your work, are there things you can temporarily free yourself, from personally?

Here are a few ideas: M.I.A. - Volunteering? M.I.A. - Cooking? Cleaning? M.I.A. - Spending Time With Your Negative Friend Whom You Love, But Who Also Brings You Down? M.I.A. - Lunch With Co-workers Who Gossip? M.I.A. - __________ - YOU fill-in the blank.

We all have more choice then we allow for ourselves.

What do you think? Is M.I.A. O.K.? Why or why not? Tell me what you think of this...

Share Your 'M.I.A. is O.K.' Comments Here:

What have you tried that worked for you? Do you have tips, comments or questions? Share here...

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